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Direct Rates on Live Capacity

Our Marketplace feature is the fastest, easiest way to lower shipping costs and make sure your truckload is always covered.

In fact, our customers are saving an average of 5% on their annual freight spend just by utilizing the Emerge Private Freight Marketplace.

Just sit back and watch the savings roll in as new carriers and brokers submit their best rates.

Emerge Freight Marketplace Logo
Emerge Freight Marketplace Logo

Who We Are

It’s Time to Take Control of Your Supply Chain

Our freight software provides full visibility and control to those who want seamless collaboration with their current carriers and brokers in a single platform, built for speed. For shippers looking to expand their network options, Emerge takes the power of a traditional TMS one step further by providing direct rates from thousands of verified providers ready to haul your load. 

Let’s Do a Quick Demo

Since we’re built for speed, we can show you the power of our TMS solution in no time. Just click below and one of our Gurus will reach out for a quick, no pressure walkthrough.


As a shipping professional, you don’t have time for costly, hard to implement transportation management systems. You aim to reduce distribution costs, improve customer service and you demand full visibility of your supply chain. Most of all you don’t deal with B.S.


Emerge has stepped in to provide the ideal, scalable third party logistics technology for your business. Best of all, our cloud-based system is free and offers nearly instant implementation time - allowing you to get down to business right away, from anywhere.

Reduce Shipping Costs and Improve Customer Service

  • Price Freight and Compare Rates
  • Supply Chain Automation
  • Book Loads and Award Tenders
  • Plan and Execute in One System
  • Quickly Add Your Current Carriers
  • Expand Your Network by Accessing Thousands of Verified Carriers
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Real-Time Freight Tracking
  • Streamline Accounting

Supported Modes

TL (Full Truckload)


Once you see a rate you like, just hit tender to streamline the entire shipping process from billing, to BOL’s, to check calls, to tracking and more.

Features at a Glance

Quote and Tender with Your Current Network, Free!

You’ve worked hard to build your relationships with your providers and we encourage you to continue utilizing those relationships within our system. Adding your partners just takes a few minutes and from there you’ll be able manage your quotes, tenders, tracking and more with a click of a button, effectively cutting time spent and lowering your freight bills.

LTL Connect

Forget logging into site after site to find the best LTL rates. This revolutionary time saver allows you to quote and tender to multiple vendors so you can compare freight rates all from one screen.

More Features to Know About

With Emerge’s tracking, you’ll benefit from added supply chain visibility. Know where your load is at any time and share important updates with stakeholders, management and customers. Access and provide freight visibility on everything from arrival and departure time, to traffic and weather delays and more.   


Our real-time reporting capabilities are all included free. Quickly evaluate your carriers performance, review your logistics expenses, average freight cost and analyze your quote and tender activity all from one place. Best of all, reports are easy to share and download.

Reporting & Analytics

LTL (Less Than Truckload)



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