Do I have to install or download anything to run your software?

Since Emerge is a web-based platform there are no downloads or installs for you or your customers. You simply visit and sign in.

Who has access to my quotes?

Carriers and brokers you add to your network will be able to see your quotes. In addition, the Emerge network of verified carriers will be able to respond back to your quote requests if you decide to make your quote available to the Marketplace.

How does Emerge make money?

Emerge generates profit in two ways. 1. By allowing verified carriers to advertise rates on specified lanes. You are never obligated to interact or use these carriers. 2. Through Marketplace transactions where Emerge adds a convenience fee.  

Does my information get shared?

Emerge does not share or sell your information. No one besides the carriers and/or brokers you decide to engage with will see your quotes or contact information.

Where is Emerge developed?

Our product development team is located in Denver, CO and our corporate headquarters is located in Scottsdale, AZ.