Why is Emerge free?

All the good things in life are free! Seems like a statement that is too good to be true, right?

Lucky for you, we want to give you the opportunity to make that statement a reality. Jump on board with Emerge for no cost at all!

Wondering what the catch is?
It’s simply that we want customer feedback. In return, our platform will always be free for you. That’s it! Just by letting us know what you like or what we can improve on, you’re automatically grandfathered into our always-and-forever free plan.

Eventually, Emerge will start charging other customers—but we’re not out to make a quick buck—we want to make sure our platform is the most efficient tool on the market before we expect payment.

So what’s there to lose? Sign up with Emerge today and enjoy free pricing for life!

Do I have to install or download anything to run your software?

Since Emerge is a web-based platform there are no downloads or installs for you or your customers. You simply visit app.emergetms.com/login and sign in.

Who has access to my quotes?

As industry experts, we know how valuable your privacy is. Therefore no one besides the carriers and/or brokers you decide to engage will see your quotes.

How does Emerge make money?

Emerge generates profit by allowing approved carriers to advertise rates on specified lanes. You are never obligated to interact or use these approved carriers.

How does my feedback get used?

Our platform is designed with the intention of helping our customers work in a faster, smarter and more organized way. There’s no better way to enhance our product than to listen to the people that rely on it every day. By providing feedback, you play an active role in helping to improve the experience and functionality of our platform.

Does my information get shared?

Emerge does not share or sell your information. No one besides the carriers and/or brokers you decide to engage will see your quotes or contact information.

Where is Emerge developed?

Our product development team is located in Denver, CO and our corporate headquarters is located in Scottsdale, AZ.