What Is A Freight Marketplace

A freight marketplace is typically a cloud-based platform designed to allow shippers, freight managers and/or logistics professionals to access carrier direct rates. A freight marketplace may also aide in introducing shippers to new carriers outside of their current network, helping to make sure they always have numerous options to cover their loads.

Shippers can use a freight marketplace platform to easily compare freight and shipping rates as well as communicate in real-time with multiple vendors all from one screen. This provides a much more streamlined and organized experience for logistics professionals who dislike the disorganization and time-loss of managing shipments through multiple email chains, phone calls and spreadsheets.

Why Consider The Emerge Marketplace?

The team at Emerge has worked in nearly every aspect of the freight industry, therefore we fully understand the pain points of booking freight as well as how to improve your bottom line during a time where freight rates are skyrocketing. The Emerge Marketplace is the ultimate addition to your logistics toolbox.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Reduce your freight spend
  • Access direct rates on live capacity
  • Connect with thousands of verified carriers
  • Receive multiple options in minutes
  • Search and compare rates free
  • Carrier ratings and reviews
  • Reports and analytics
  • Live chat with carriers
  • Free tracking
  • No hidden fees
  • Instant implementation
  • No installs or downloads
  • Mobile friendly

Ready to save with Emerge? 

Join us for a quick 10 minute demo. Our freight experts are ready to demonstrate how Emerge can improve your logistics business.

More Than a Marketplace

In addition to the Marketplace, Emerge offers a full suite of TMS features dedicated to those who wish to work with their current vendors and providers.


  • Quote, tender, track with your current providers
  • LTL Connect: Forget logging into multiple websites, access all your rates in once place
  • Quick and easy customer setup: We know time is money, we’ll have you up and running in minutes.
  • 100% free
  • Carrier reports and analytics
  • Saved lanes: Run consistent lanes? With saved lanes, you can send a quote request to your entire network or just select carriers in seconds
  • No hidden fees
  • Instant implementation
  • No installs or downloads
  • Mobile friendly

Don’t Book Another Shipment Before Seeing
What Emerge Can Do for You

Got 10 minutes? Great, let us show just how fast and powerful our system is.

Additional Resources

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