Emerge and Kuebix Partner Announcement

We’re thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Kuebix, the industry’s fastest growing transportation management system (TMS). Through Kuebix Community Load Match, users will now be able to access even more truckload capacity by tapping into Emerge’s Private Freight Marketplace, consisting of thousands of verified carriers. This partnership empowers shippers and increases transparency by allowing them to view and compare their contracted rates alongside the truckload spot market in a single platform.

“Together Kuebix and Emerge can provide shippers a one-stop-shop for multiple modes while also assisting in reducing their total freight costs,” said Emerge President, Grant Crawford. “This joint venture allows more users access to our Marketplace, expanding the shipper’s trusted network and ensuring competitive real-time market rates.”

If the shipper decides to utilize an Emerge Marketplace Provider through Community Load Match, Emerge handles all transactions, communication, billing and does not require the Kuebix user to onboard new carriers. This results in shippers now being able to leverage increased available truckload capacity without having to pick up the phone or visit multiple carrier websites.

“We’re excited to connect the Kuebix shipping community with Emerge’s massive network of brokers and direct carrier assets,” said Dan Clark, Kuebix Founder and President. “Now members of the Kuebix community get the best of both worlds to find the most efficient rates and the capacity they require to meet their shipping needs.”

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