“Emerge is the future of truckload management. We’ve provided our customers their own Private Freight Marketplace (PFM), allowing them to transact with their existing vendors while sourcing untapped capacity. Shippers are gaining access to direct rates and detailed information they may never have been able to access before giving them all the tools they need to make the best decisions for their business,” Brad Wheeler, Emerge Manager of Business Operations. 


At a time where shippers’ bottom lines are being greatly impacted by rising freight costs, a plumbing supplies manufacturer was struggling to find supply chain efficiencies that reduce freight spend. By utilizing the Emerge Private Freight Marketplace, this shipper saw savings of 35% quarter over quarter on two of their most popular lanes.


So how did they do it? Well, it’s no secret that utilizing technology can effectively automate, optimize and centralize the day-to-day freight operation. When properly implemented, productivity and visibility are maximized while errors are minimized.


With quoting, spot bidding, tendering and carrier management automated, the logistics manager was afforded more time to utilize reporting and other analytical tools within the platform to be strategic with their freight.


Emerge’s Private Freight Marketplace helped the shipper maintain their competitive edge in an unfavorable market.


What is a Private Freight Marketplace?

A Private Freight Marketplace (PFM) is a way to instantly tap into thousands of available trucks across the country. The PFM is typically used in conjunction to your current carrier/broker base in order to maximize options and ensure network partners are staying competitive.


To learn more about the Emerge Private Freight Marketplace, click here.


Although the Emerge platform had been implemented for a few months, it wasn’t until the shipper began engaging in the Private Freight Marketplace that savings skyrocketed and service failures were eliminated. In fact, 16% of their awarded loads went to carriers and brokers introduced through the Marketplace. Providing lane and carrier data at the click of a button put the buying power back in their hands. Live capacity and insight into market rates allowed them to make informative negotiations backed by real-time data.


Taking advantage of the full functionality of Emerge allowed this customer to make timely, strategic decisions resulting in saving just under 9% on their total freight spend in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019.

Emerge is Here to Help

Are you serious about reducing your freight spend? Then we’d love to show you just how easy it is to save with our Private Freight Marketplace. In just a few minutes one of our freight gurus will help you run a quote and show you the savings.

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