Name: Todd Hamilton

Title: West Coast Operations Team Lead

What does your job entail?

“Building relationships with carriers and providing the best service to our network of shippers. Addressing carrier/broker inquiries on multiple platforms. Working closely with all ops representatives to ensure they are able to be as successful as possible.”

Why do you like working at Emerge?

“I had the pleasure of working for Michael and Andrew for a couple years and when this opportunity came about, I wanted to be part of something that will revolutionize the transportation industry. The job itself is great but what really makes Emerge stand out to me are the people here, the environment, the leadership, the vision. We are part of something special and I’m stoked for what’s in store in the near future!”

Fun fact about yourself. 

“My father did genealogy and traced his mother’s side of the family back to the 14th century. Among the 10k family members in our family tree, we found Ron Dolby, founder of Dolby Digital, who is a distant relative (unfortunately too distant to see that digital surround sound skrilla).”

Manager Feedback:

Todd has enhanced Emerge by “implementing changes of processes and procedures, never complains, learns the changes and helps train everyone,” says Anthony Gonzales. He is “consistently going above and beyond to make sure that the company’s needs come before anything else. Todd stays late and always gives us the best feedback possible.”

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