We’re all too familiar with the day-to-day struggles of working in the freight and logistics industry. Check an email, make a call, search online for the best rates, the list goes on.

Below are 5 ways you can streamline your workday with EmergeTMS and discover a simpler way of managing your business. Or to get a personalized walkthrough instead, request a demo with an Emerge Guru!

  1. Communication: There’s a better way to get in touch with your partners. With a built-in chat feature, you’ll have instant communication to work out the details and get answers faster. If your partner is not currently using EmergeTMS, they’ll be notified via email so they know when you’re reaching out. Did we mention we’re mobile friendly too?
  2. Organization: Many businesses are still working with outdated software, using fax machines and lack new technology. EmergeTMS has created a system that can store all your information in one place. Manage all your quotes and tenders, work with your existing carrier network, access detailed analytics and share reporting with a couple clicks of the mouse.
  3. Efficiency: We could all benefit from more time in the day, right? EmergeTMS allows you and your team to quickly build quotes with our bulk upload tool, save frequently used lanes to maximize time spent entering quote details and see all your rates from one screen with LTL Connect. Simply add your partner credentials into our platform to eliminate going from website to website to find the best rates.
  4. Visibility: No more hoping and guessing where your shipments are. See your trucks on a map in real-time with our powerful tracking features. Check calls are so last year.
  5. Expand Your Network: Need another reason to try EmergeTMS? With our LTL Connect feature, be presented with rates from carriers and brokers outside of your network after entering your quote details. You’re in total control of who you work with, we’re just giving you the tools to make the best decisions on your loads for total transparency.
Streamline My Business

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