1. First things, first – adding network partners. Whether you quote through emails, websites or phone calls, you’ll want to get all your contacts linked up with right away. All you’ll need is their email address, name and phone number!
2. Integrate your LTL accounts. Give your fingers a break and put an end to typing in the same load information over and over on multiple websites. When you utilize LTL Connect, you’ll see all your rates from all your LTL providers one page with just one login – awesome!!
Pro tip: our Integrations team can set up all your accounts for you. Now sit back and think about what new hobbies you’ll pick up with all that free time.
3. Run repeat shipments? Be sure to save your consistent lanes for even faster quote building.
4. Set up additional users. If you have colleagues that need access to your account, our Team Management feature will set them up with their own login. You can even set their role!
5. Last, but definitely not least, utilize your Emerge Gurus! Want to save even more time than you already are by choosing EmergeTMS? Your Emerge rep is standing by to help you with account setup, answer any questions or provide strategies on how to drive efficiencies within your operation. We do it all. Go ahead, shoot us a chat.
Well, what’s the hold up?! Get started by logging in below:
Want to hear more about EmergeTMS from an Emerge Guru? 

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