Change is inevitable in nearly every industry. We’ve seen it with phones, films, rideshare and most recently freight. As technologies surface to solve new problems, every business has a choice – adapt or die out. A new technology that you’ll certainly be hearing more about in the year to come is freight marketplaces. The following are 10 reasons on why you need to consider utilizing one for 2019.

  1. Direct to carrier capacity – With no sign of rates leveling out, it’s important to take every opportunity you can to save. A freight marketplace is a great way to get direct pricing with carriers. We can hear the groans now, you don’t have the time to setup dozens or even hundreds of new partners, but not to worry, reasons #3 and #10 will ease your mind.
  2. Carrier transparency – Now that you have the ability to go carrier direct, you also gain peace of mind in knowing exactly who is hauling your precious cargo across the country. No more jumping through hoops to get updates and questions answered – go right to the source!  Additionally, having a direct line of communication is key to building long lasting partnerships with carriers that understand your company’s budget and needs.
  3. Less contracts to sign – We can all agree that onboarding new carriers is tedious and time consuming. A freight marketplace such as Emerge offers a single setup that connects you to all platform providers in minutes.
  4. Improve the bottom line – By taking measures to save on a monthly basis you’re increasing your profit margin while also impacting the bottom line. How happy would your boss be if you moved that needle by 5, 10 or even 15%? Get your cape picked out, you just might end up the being the office hero!
  1. Giving carriers access to your load – Are you doing everything you can to make sure qualified carriers are actually seeing your loads? Chances are, they might not even know it exists. Most shippers are only tapping into a fragment of the capacity that’s actually out there. By utilizing a marketplace, your fragmented process evolves into an untapped, diversified carrier network for you to present your load to.
  2. Data driven decisions – A marketplace will give you additional insight into previously unnoticed behaviors and their effects. In fact, as mentioned in a recent Gartner study, more companies are going to begin to rely on machine learning in place of data professionals to automate the process of data preparation, insight generation, and insight visualization.
  3. Enhanced tracking – It’s no longer acceptable to have better visibility on your $20 pizza than your load worth several thousands of dollars. Know exactly where your cargo is at all times by taking advantage of real-time predictive and prescriptive tracking. Tracking allows your team and customers to stay up-to-date on ETA, traffic, weather and any other live conditions impacting delivery – improving service across the board.
  4. Tailored carrier matching – The Emerge Private Freight Marketplace understands you don’t want to be swarmed with providers that don’t match your needs. Simply choose the specific requirements that must be met in order to offer bids on your load.
  5. Consolidated billing – Along with streamlining the carrier setups, be on the lookout for a marketplace that offers consolidated billing. This not only speeds up accounting and payments, it reduces paper use, disorganization and could allow your business to trim even more costs.
  6. It’s where the industry is headed – We understand that new technology can be intimidating.. But nearly everything you’ve used up to this point to help your business grow, was at some point a new technology. Let’s go way back. What would have happened to your business if you chose not to use the internet? Automated payments? Smartphones? Or Social media? You would have been quickly surpassed by those that embraced those tools. The time is now, and if your competitors are doing it, it would be wise at least be willing to learn more about it.

Ready for a marketplace test drive?

The Emerge Private Freight Marketplace (PFM) puts you in total control of your freight. A complete AI-learning platform designed to help reduce your annual freight spend by a guaranteed 5%. With features to manage everything from quoting with and analyzing your current carrier network to quickly gathering and comparing live rates from the extensive network of Emerge verified carriers—we’ve got your freight needs covered.

Key Benefits

  • One time setup takes care of billing for all carriers
  • Expand your carrier network
  • Easy rate comparison
  • All quotes guaranteed at price posted
  • Go private to work with only vendors of your choice
  • Receive multiple options on loads in minutes
  • Real-time tracking
  • Real-time carrier performance analytics
  • Carrier ratings and reviews
  • Instant implementation
  • Mobile friendly

By Jack Holmes, Emerge Chairman (Former President of UPS Freight)

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