Our Mission

Developing technologies designed to help freight professionals visualize, source and communicate more efficiently.

EmergeTMS is a free transportation management solution built and maintained by industry experts that understand the pain points of working in freight and logistics. With a combined 150+ years of freight experience, we know first hand what is right and wrong with traditional TMS platforms. We set out to create a freight management system that puts an end to waiting around for phone calls, sorting through endless email clutter, managing spreadsheets or dealing with pesky check calls.

Platform features:

  • Track Shipments in Real-Time
  • Build Loads in Seconds
  • Create & Send Quotes
  • Award Tenders
  • Save Frequently Used Lanes
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Use Existing Carrier Network
  • Chat Instantly With Your Network
  • Mobile Friendly

It’s easy to get caught up in the tedious tasks of your business. Take control of your freight with EmergeTMS. We’re honored to be a true extension of your freight and logistics team.