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- Founders Andrew & Michael Leto

- Founders Andrew & Michael Leto

Founder Story

Brothers Andrew and Michael Leto grew up in the freight industry spending summers helping their father Vito run an air freight business. Little by little the brothers soaked up the knowledge that would later help them to create one of the biggest freight brokerages in the country.

As the two became adults, Michael took over more responsibilities in the family business while Andrew enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Upon his return home, Andrew recognized an opportunity to monetize on technology and set out to build GlobalTranz – a software-driven third-party logistics company created to help shippers better manage their freight.

While the first inning of GlobalTranz was operated out of a single bedroom apartment and funded by Andrew’s unemployment check, success came quickly. It wasn’t long before they moved into a larger facility, bringing on hundreds of new employees each year. The company rose to national recognition over the next several years, allowing the Letos to successfully exit in 2016 with current revenues in excess of $1B. During this time, the Leto brothers also started building a second company –10-4 systems – that specialized in freight tracking which they sold in 2018.

Following the sale of their two companies, Andrew discovered another opportunity for technology to change the freight game. He set out to create the first private marketplace connecting shippers to direct carrier rates, reducing operational costs and helping to improve service on everything from quote to delivery. With Michael brought in as the CEO, Emerge was born.

Meet The Team

A true extension of your logistics team.

Emerge is built and maintained by industry experts that understand the pain points of working in freight and logistics. With a combined 150+ years of freight experience, we know first hand what is right and wrong with traditional logistics platforms. We set out to create a freight management platform that helps shippers find cheaper rates and puts an end to waiting around for phone calls, endless email clutter, managing spreadsheets and dealing with check calls.

It’s easy to get caught up in the tedious tasks of your business. Take control of your freight with Emerge.

Our Mission

Provide a platform that enables companies to create a private freight marketplace producing operational savings and efficiencies throughout the entire organization.