How This Party Got Started

Brothers Andrew and Michael Leto grew up in the freight industry. As they spent their summers as teens helping their father Vito run an air freight business, little by little they soaked up the knowledge that would later help them to create one of the biggest brokerages in the country.

As the two became adults, Michael took over more of the air freight business and Andrew enlisted in U.S. Navy.  Always having a knack for technology, the brothers recognized an opportunity for technology to improve the freight game. Years later, upon Andrew’s return from the Navy they put their heads together and the idea for GlobalTranz was born.  

While the first inning of Globaltranz was run out of a single bedroom apartment, success came quick. It wasn’t long before they purchased a building and started hiring hundreds of employees.  

The Leto’s eventually sold Globaltranz for $450 million as they started building a second company –10-4 systems – that specialized in freight tracking.

Very soon after, Andrew saw another opportunity for technology to change the game. He set out to create the first true truckload marketplace which would connect shippers to direct rates, improve operational costs and help improve service on everything from quote to delivery.  With Michael brought in as the CEO, Emerge was born.

Meet The Team

Industry experts with a passion to improve the logistics industry through technology.

Why We Do It

EmergeTMS is a free transportation management solution built and maintained by industry experts that understand the pain points of working in freight and logistics. With a combined 150+ years of freight experience, we know first hand what is right and wrong with traditional TMS platforms. We set out to create a freight management system that puts an end to waiting around for phone calls, sorting through endless email clutter, managing spreadsheets or dealing with pesky check calls.

It’s easy to get caught up in the tedious tasks of your business. Take control of your freight with EmergeTMS. We’re honored to be a true extension of your freight and logistics team.

Our Mission

Develop technologies to help freight professionals lower operational costs, communicate more efficiently and improve customer service. Our platform was built to improve the entire shipping process from quote to delivery.