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Reduce Your Freight Spend by at Least 5%*

Emerge Private Freight Marketplace

It’s Time to Take Full Control of Your Freight

Reduce shipping costs with our Marketplace by accessing the lowest rates on live capacity. With just a few clicks, expand your partner network and get connected to thousands of verified carriers and brokers to make sure your loads are always covered. Our one-time setup gets you connected fast, saving you the time and hassle of onboarding multiple partners—and we’ve got you covered on everything from billing to cargo insurance. Take control of your logistics today by getting started with your private marketplace!

The Old Way vs. The Emerge Way

Reduce Your Freight Spend

Our Marketplace connects you to direct rates on live capacity allowing you to save big.

Expand Your Provider Network

Connect to thousands of verified carriers ensuring your load is always covered.

Ultra Fast, One-time Setup

Built for speed, our one-time setup covers everything from billing to cargo insurance.

Increase Truckload Visibility

The online freight portal allows you to track your full truckload in real-time and share it with your contacts. You will see the truck’s current position as well as past location history. You’ll also be able to view real-time weather and traffic as well as shipment and delivery status changes so you’ll always be in the loop.
  • Custom geo-fencing (automated arrival and departure detection)
  • Traffic ETA’s
  • Out of route monitoring
  • Weather risk alerts
  • Status updates (on-time, late, in-jeopardy)
  • Custom views and notifications
Real-time Tracking

Source Capacity

Manage everything that matters in one place. Send quote requests and freight tenders to your existing carrier network and receive real-time read receipts.
Quote and Tender Cards
  • Easily connect with your existing carriers or brokers
  • View all your rates on one screen
  • Choose carriers based on system generated scorecards
  • Saved frequently used lanes

Streamline Communication

Answer questions without delay and get your loads booked faster. Chatting with your carriers in real-time means no waiting around for email responses and no sifting through a cluttered inbox.

Awards & Recognition

*Reduction is based on your full truckload freight spend.